The Environmental Geosciences group maintains a strong interdisciplinary focus and is closely linked to scholars in related fields throughout the University of Georgia. Active research programs include Hydrogeology, Environmental Geochemistry, and Environmental Remediation. Faculty from Forestry, Geography, Crop and Soil Sciences, and Biological and Agricultural Engineering have been actively involved with the research of Geology graduate students. The Department also maintains close ties with the USEPA National Exposure Research Laboratory and USDA-ARS J. Phil Campbell Sr. Natural Resource Conservation Center. Students also conduct research at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory (US Forest Service) and the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory. Students in this program have found employment in academia, environmental consulting firms, and with State and Federal government.

Labs associated with Environmental Geosciences

Location: Room 122 Geology Geography Building, 210 Field Street, Athens, GA 30601

WRRS research focuses primarily on complex and interrelated geologic and environmental problems using field-based data, satellite remote sensing techniques, and numerical models. The research weaves four…


(1) understanding dryland processes and mechanisms (e.g., inland freshwater lenses, transmission losses, regional aquifer dynamics);

(2) examines environmental change and hazards (e.g., harmful algal blooms, coastal impacts of sea level rise, sinkholes, floods);

(3) analyzes the impacts and interplay of human and natural climate…

Main Research Interests

My research focuses on the development and evaluation of innovative technologies for the cleanup of water, sediment, and soils. Particular emphasis is placed on sorption and degradation of contaminants and immobilization of metals. Specifically, my ongoing research focuses on the following five technologies:

Clays and clay minerals are nature's most common nano-material. The study of both natural and synthetic nano-composites made up of clays and organics offers great promise for the discovery of new materials for use in medical, pharmaceutical, and material industries. Knowledge of clays is essential for the exploration and exploitation of…