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Adam Milewski

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Hydrogeology & Remote Sensing
Professor & Department Head

Current Research Interests

My research focuses primarily on complex and interrelated geologic and environmental problems using field-based data, emerging techniques (remote sensing, UAVs, GIS, machine learning), numerical and physical models, and geochemical/geophysical analyses. More specifically, my research weaves four interconnected threads related to water resources:

(1) understanding dryland processes and mechanisms (e.g., inland freshwater lenses, transmission losses, regional aquifer dynamics);

(2) examines environmental change and hazards (e.g., harmful algal blooms, coastal impacts of sea level rise, sinkholes, floods);

(3) analyzes the impacts and interplay of human and natural climate hydrologic systems; and

(4) investigates current and past groundwater dynamics and processes (e.g., paleofloods, recharge timing)

I utilize multiple tools (e.g., field, remote sensing, UAVs, models, geophysics, isotope geochemistry) to address both fundamental research and applied science related to water resources on multiple scales (e.g., field to regional).

  • Ph.D., Western Michigan University, 2008 - Hydrogeology
  • B.S., SUNY at Buffalo, 2004 - Geology
Research Interests:

My research weaves four interconnected threads related to water resources: (1) understanding dryland processes and mechanisms (e.g., inland freshwater lenses, transmission losses, regional aquifer dynamics); (2) examines environmental change and hazards (e.g., harmful algal blooms, coastal impacts of sea level rise, sinkholes, floods); (3) analyzes the impacts and interplay of human and natural climate hydrologic systems; and (4) investigates current and past groundwater dynamics and processes (e.g., paleofloods, recharge timing).


2018-2019            Milewski, A., P.I. – Ground Validation of Remote Sensing-based Precipitation Products in Kuwait, Kuwait University, (2018-2019)

2017-2020            Milewski, A., P.I. – Hydrologic Inventory and Assessment of NWRs, National Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), (2017-2020)

2017-2019            Milewski, A., P.I. – Impacts of Hydrologic Extremes on Natural Resources, National Parks Service (NPS), (2017-2019)

2017-2018            Milewski, A., Co-P.I. – (PI – Liz Kramer; University of Georgia) - Capacity Building for Research and Training for Food System Sustainability and Security, University of Georgia, (2017-2018)

2016-2018            Milewski, A., P.I. – Water Resource Inventories and Assessments for National Wildlife Refuges within the Southeast Region, National Fish and Wildlife Service (NFWS), (2016-2018)

2016-2017            Milewski, A., Co-P.I., (PI – David Leigh; University of Georgia) – Investigating the Paleohydrology and Flood Risk in the Southeastern US, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), (2016-2018)

2016-2017            Milewski, A., P.I. – Multi-Touch Open Education Resources (OER): A New Pedagogy for Geoscience Education and Research, Learning Technologies Grants, (2015-2016)

2016-2021            Milewski, A., P.I., ERASMUS+ Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility, European Union ERASMUS program, (2016-2021)

2015-2016            Milewski, A., P.I. - Utilizing NASA Earth Observations to Monitor Sinkhole Development and Identify Risk Areas, NASA DEVELOP, (2015-2016)

2014-2015            Milewski, A., P.I. – ARCHES: An Innovative Workshop Combining Hydrogeology, Satellite Remote Sensing/GIS, and Modeling to Better Understand Water Resources, KAUST Winter Enrichment Program, (2014-2015)

2013-2014            Milewski, A., P.I., Assessment and Characterization of TRMM Satellite Precipitation Products in Varying Climatic, Topographic, and Hydrologic Regimes, University of Georgia Provost Summer Fund, (2013-2014)

2012-2014            Milewski, A., Co-P.I., (PI – Alan Fryar; University of Kentucky) – Building Opportunity Out of Science and Technology (BOOST): Helping Hydrologic Research (H2O) in Indonesia and Turkey, US State Department – Bureau   of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, (2012-2014)

2012-2013            Milewski, A., P.I., Using Radar Interferometry (InSAR) to Evaluate Land Subsidence Caused by Excessive Groundwater Withdrawal in Morocco, University of Georgia Provost Summer Fund, (2012-2013)

2011-2013            Milewski, A., Co-P.I., (PI – Alan Fryar (University of Kentucky) – Building Opportunity Out of Science and Technology (BOOST): Energizing Young Middle Eastern and North African Scientists – Enhancing Capacity for Water Resource Studies in Egypt and Morocco, US State Department, (2011-2013; Total)

2011-2015            Milewski, A., Co-I., (PI - Mohamed Sultan) - Use of GRACE, Remote Sensing, and Traditional Datasets for Modeling Time-Dependent Water Partitioning on Continental Scales: A Case Study from Africa, Funded by NASA. (2011-2015)

2010-2013            Milewski, A., Co-P.I., (PI –Mohamed Sultan) - Detailed Studies on Landslides in Jazan Area (Saudi Arabia), Saudi Geological Survey, (2010-2013)

2010-2011            Milewski, A., Co-P.I., (PI - Ahmad Al-Dousari) - Groundwater Potentiality Studies in Kuwait, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, (2010)

2009-2011            Milewski, A., Co-P.I., (PI – Richard Laton), Identifying Areas for Artificial Recharge in the Mojave Desert, Mojave Water Agency & University of California State at Fullerton, (2009-2012)

2009-2010            Milewski,A., P.I., Hydroinformatics: Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Hydrology, Funded by Western Michigan University, (2009-2010)

2008-2010            Milewski,A., P.I, Developing Cost-effective Methodologies for Groundwater Assessment and Exploration in Sinai, Funded by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in cooperation with USDA, (2008-2010)

Selected Publications:

* Denotes student-authored manuscript


*Cahalan, M., and Milewski, A., 2018, Sinkhole Formation Dynamics and Geostatistical-Based Prediction Analysis in a Mantled Karst Terrain, CANTENA, In Press.

*Lezzaik, K., Milewski, A., and Mullen, J., 2018, The Groundwater Risk Index: Development and Application in the Middle East and North Africa Region, Science of the Total Environment, In Press.

Wehbe, Y., Temimi, M., Ghebreyesus, D., Milewski, A., and Norouzi, H., 2018, Consistency of Precipitation Products over the Arabian Peninsula and Interactions with Soil Moisture and Water Storage, Hydrological Sciences, In Press.

*Lezzaik, K., and Milewski, A., 2018, A Quantitative Assessment of Groundwater Resources in the Middle East and North Africa Region, Hydrogeology, 26:251, DOI 10.1007/s10040-017-1646-5.

*Seyoum, W., and Milewski, A., 2017, Improved Methods for Estimating Local Terrestrial Water Dynamics from GRACE in the Northern High Plains, Advances in Water Resources, 110, 279-290, DOI 10.1016/j.advwatres.2017.10.021

Wehbe, Y., Ghebreyesus, D., Temimi, M., and Milewski, A., 2017, Assessment of the Consistency among Global Precipitation Products over the United Arab Emirates, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, 12, 122-135.

*Seyoum, W., and Milewski, A., 2016, Monitoring and Comparison of Terrestrial Water Storage Changes in the Northern High Plains using GRACE and In-situ Based Integrated Hydrologic Models, Advances in Water Resources, 94, 31-44.

Milewski, A., El Kadiri, R., and Durham, M., 2015, Assessment and Intercomparison of TMPA Satellite Precipitation Products in Varying Climatic and Topographic Regimes in Morocco, Remote Sensing, v. 7, 5697-5717.

*Seyoum, W., Milewski, A., and Durham, M., 2015, Assessment of the Relative Impact of Natural Processes and Human Activities on the Hydrology of the Central Rift Valley Lakes, Ethiopia, Hydrologic Processes, DOI: 10.1002/hyp.10490.

Ghobani, T., Bellal, S.A., and Milewski, A., 2015, A fragile coastal ecosystem threatened on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, Méditerranée, 125 (2), 153-164.

*Dailey, D., Sauck, W., Sultan, M., Milewski, A., Ahmed, M., Laton, R., El Kadiri, R., Foster, J., Schmidt, C., Al Harbi, T., 2015, Geophysical, Remote Sensing, GIS, and Isotopic Applications for a Better Understanding of the Structural Controls on Groundwater Flow in the Mojave Desert, California, Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, v. 3, 211-232.

Milewski, A., Sultan, M., Al-Dousari, A., and Yan, E., 2014, Geologic and Hydrologic Settings for Development of Freshwater Lenses in Arid Lands, Hydrologic Processes, v. 7(1), 3185-3194.

Milewski, A., 2014, Book review of “Terrestrial Hydrometeorology “, James Shuttleworth, 2012, 441pgs, Wiley-Blackwell Press, ISBN 0470659378. Groundwater.

Abouelmagd, A., Sultan, M., Sturchio, N., Soliman, F., Rashed, M., Ahmed, M., Kehew, A., Milewski, A., and Chouinard, K., 2014, Paleoclimate Record in the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Quaternary Research, v. 81(1), 158-167.

*Alharbi, T., Sultan, M., Sefry, S., El Kadiri, R., Ahmed, M., Chase, R., Milewski, A., Abu Abdullah, M., Emil, M., and Chouinard, K., 2014, An Assessment of Landslide Distribution in the Faifa Area, Saudi Arabia Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques, Natural Hazards and Earth Systems Sciences, 6685-6717.

Sultan, M., Ahmed, M., Sturchio, N., Yan, E., Milewski, A., Becker, R., Wahr, J., Becker, D., and Chouinard, K., 2013, Assessment of the Vulnerabilities of the Nubian Sandstone Fossil Aquifer; North Africa, In: Climate Vulnerability, Volume 5, Pgs. 311-333.

*Becker, D., Sultan, M., Milewski, A., Becker, R., Sauck, W., Soliman, F., Rashed, M., Yan, E., Wagdy, A., Ahmed, M., Chouinard, K., and Welton, B., 2012, Integrated Solutions for Hydrologic Investigations in Arid Lands, Geosphere, (v8), 1588-1605.

Abouelmagd, A., Sultan, M., Milewski, A., Kehew, A., Sturchio, N., Soliman, F., Krishnamurthy, R.V., Cutrim, E., 2012. Towards a better understanding of Palaeoclimatic regimes that recharged the fossil aquifers in North Africa: Inferences from stable isotope and remote sensing data. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, v 329-300, 137-149 pp.

Sultan, M., Metwally, S., Milewski, A., Becker, D., Ahmed, M., Sauck., W., Soliman, F., Sturchio, N., Wagdy, A., Becker., R,. Welton, B., 2011, Modern Recharge to Fossil Aquifers: Geochemical, Geophysical, and Modeling Constraints, Journal of Hydrology, 403 (1-2), 14-24.

*Ahmed, M., Sultan, M., Wahr, J., Yan, E., Milewski, A., Sauck, W., Becker, R., and Welton, B., 2011, Integration of GRACE data with Traditional Datasets for a Better Understanding of the Time-dependent Water Partitioning in African Watersheds, Geology, 39 (5), 479-482.

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Milewski, A. and Lesht, B.M., Using Satellite Remote Sensing to Determine the Cause of Whiting Events in Lake Michigan, Journal of Undergraduate Research, US Department of Energy, Vol. V, 2005.

Articles Featuring Adam Milewski

Remote Sensing publication entitled: "A Satellite-Based Approach for Quantifying Terrestrial Water Cycle Intensity"

Journal of Geographical Research publication entitled: "The Use of Airborne LiDAR in Assessing Coastal Erosion in the Southeastern USA"

Dr. Adam Milewski, Associate Professor and Associate Department Head, was recently selected to join the University System of Georgia (USG) Chancellor’s Learning Scholars (CLSs) for 2020-2022.

Collaborative Research (IRES Track I): A Multi-Faceted Approach for Understanding Hydrologic Controls on Transmission Losses in Dryland Environments

Drs. Adam Milewski, of the University of Georgia, will research groundwater recharge processes in Morocco…

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