Graduate Student
Academic Program Administrator
Graduate Student
Business Manager
Post-Doc: Schroeder
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Graduate Student
Research Chemist, U.S. EPA Ecosystems Research Division
PhD Candidate, Structural Geology and Geomechanics Laboratory
PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
M.S. Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant
Research Coordinator
Research Assistant in Water Resources and Remote Sensing Laboratory
Graduate Student
Economic Geology, Professor - Undergraduate Advisor
Graduate Student
Faculty, Emeritus Faculty
M.S. Student - Teaching Assistant
Graduate Student
Hydrogeology/Geophysics/Remote Sensing
Hydrology, Assistant Professor
M.S. Student, Research Assistant at the Center for Applied Isotope Studies
Professor, Istanbul Technical University
PhD Student , Graduate Research Assistant - Center for Applied Isotope Studies
Associate Professor, Earth Sciences Education
Geomicrobiology/ Planetary Science
Environmental Engineer, MS Student / Research Assistant
Microscopy Lab Coordinator
Marine Geology, Associate Professor
Hydrogeology & Petrophysics, Assistant Professor
Archaeological Geology & Archeological Geophysics, Professor, Geology
Micropaleontology, Professor
Geophysics, Professor & Undergraduate Advisor
Stratigraphic Paleobiology, Professor
Graduate Student
M.S. Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Structural Geology, Assistant Professor
M.S. Student, Teaching Assistant
MSc Student, Sequence Stratigraphy and Paleobiology
IT Professional Specialist
Hydrogeology & Remote Sensing, Associate Professor & Associate Department Head
Administrative Assistant II
Geochronology, Professor
Environmental Geochemistry, Professor
Environmental Consultant
Graduate Student
Thermodynamics of Planetary Processes, Professor
Senior Lecturer
Petrology & Volcanology, Assistant Professor
Sedimentary Petrology & Geochemistry, Professor
M.S. Student, Graduate Lab Assistant
M.S. Student
Professor, UGA Department of Anthropology
Graduate Student
Igneous Petrology, Professor
Hydrogeology/ Remote Sensing
Clay Mineralogy, Professor & Department Head
Graduate Student
Director, Center for Applied Isotope Studies
Graduate Student
Igneous Petrology, Professor
Graduate Student
Invertebrate Paleobiology, Professor- Geology
Research Chemist
Associate Professor
Associate Professor, UGA Department of Geology and Anthropology
Tectonics, Structural Geology, Igneous and metamorphic petrology, geochronology, radiogenic isotope geochemistry, Professor
M.S. Student, Research Assistant