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UGA Geology professor Paul Schroeder is part of a multi-authored peer-reviewed paper on data sharing benefits for the low-temperature geochemistry community.

Dr. Ervan Garrison, of the University of Georgia, will undertake a study of submerged prehistoric archaeological sites drowned after the end of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM).

Dawn was the space probe launched by NASA in September 2007 with the mission of studying two of the three known protoplanets of the asteroid belt, Vesta and Ceres.. Vesta, like Earth, is composed of rock in its crust and mantle, and it has an iron core. Because of its large size (for an asteroid…

Paula Spicer donated her father’s fossil collection to UGA’s Geology Department.

An international team of archaeologists partnered to excavate two sites containing shell middens in the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Jutland in Denmark in 2018, showing that middens can be clearly differentiated from natural shells on the seabed to reveal a coastline’s inhabitation past.

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