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Theses and Dissertations

Complete Chronological Listing


Garett Brown, “ Beyond Water Depth: the Environmental Controls on Marine Benthic Invertebrate Assemblages in the Modern and Fossil Record”, PhD

Melanie Callihan, “Growth of Complex Fracture Systems in Extensional Tectonic Settings on Earth and the Moon With Applications to Tectonic Geomorphology, Fault Rock Evolution, and Dike Emplacement.", PhD, Klimczak

Lucas Novello Favero, “Removal of Oxyanionic Species From Coal Combustion Residuals: the Case of Boron and Bromide”, MS, Nzengung

Barrett Jordan, “Geology of the Cahoun Critical Zone Observatory”, MS, Schroeder

Gustavo Larramendi, “ Investigation of the Late Paleozoic Collision Between Gondwana and Laurentia and the Resulting Deformational Response of the Upper Mantle Beneath the Southern Appalachians Using Global Phase Seismic Events.”, MS, Hawman

Sierra Ramsey, “The Petrogenesis of Shergottites Constrained by Major and Minor Elemental Variations in Olivine”, MS, Klimczak

Sydney Lee, “Testing Two Paleogeographic Interpretations of the Jurassic of Western North America.”MS, Holland


Andrew Clements, "Investigation of Rift Basins and Underlying Crust beneath the Southeastern Atlantic Coastal Plain using Teleseismic Phases," MS advisor: Hawman

Kelsey Crane, “Thrust Faulting on the Terrestrial Planets: Structural and Tectonic Studies of Mercury and the Columbia River Basalt Province,” PhD Advisor: Klimczak

Matt Hess, "Sequence-Stratigraphic Architecture and Facies of the Middle to Upper Jurassic Preuss and Stump Formations,"  MS Advisor: Holland

Holly Hutcheson, “Trends in Water Resources within the USFWS National Wildlife Refuges in the Southeast,” MS Advisor: Milewski

William Jenkins, “Investigating Patters and Kinematics of Faults and Associated Fumarolic Activity atop a Blind Strike-Slip System, Bishop Tuff, CA," MS Advisor: Klimczak

Pedro Monarrez, “Testing the Role of Escalation on Jurassic Macroevolutionary Patterns,” PhD Advisor: Holland

Sierra Swenson, “Integrated sequence stratigraphy and paleobiology of the Ellis Group of Montana: implications for the history and communities of the Sundance Seaway,” MS Advisor: Holland

Chris Smith, Experimentally Grown Foraminifera and Their Response to Heavy Metal (Arsenic, Cadmium, Nickel, And Zinc) Contamination, PhD Advisor: Goldstein

Matt Thomas, “Spatial Downscaling of GRACE TWSA Data to Identify Spatiotemporal Groundwater Level Trends in the Dougherty Plain, South Georgia,” MS Advisor: Milewski


Cullen LaPointe,  An Evaluation of the Effects of a Rapidly Changing Miocene Climate on the Growth and Stable Isotopic Ecology of the Scallop Chesapectennefren,  M.S. Advisor: Walker  

Abigail Knapp, Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Hydrologic Drivers Of Harmful Algal Blooms in Two Piedmont Reservoirs, Georgia, M.S. Advisor; Milewski


Erik Alberts, Global Phase Seismic Interferometry (Glopsi) and Broadband Seismic Reflection Techniques: An Investigation of the Southeastern Suture Of The Appalachian Margin Experiment. M.S. Advisor: Hawman

Quentin Anlian, Deformation Bands Record Oblique-Slip Faulting in the Cañon City Embayment, Colorado. M.S. Advisor: Klimczak

Hudson Farren, Determination of Element Vectors in the Deeply Saprolitized Southern Appalachians: Locating Haile- And Ridgeway-Type Epithermal Gold Systems Using Geochemical Data and Multivariate Statistics. M.S. Advisor: Crowe

Stefanie Gugolz, Evaluation Of A Biochar Enhanced Constructed Treatment Wetland for the Removal of Contaminants From Agricultural Wastewater. M.S. Advisor: Nzengung

Bolton Howes, Sequence Stratigraphic Expression of Flexural Subsidence: Middle Jurassic Twin Creek Limestone, Wyoming, U.S.A. M.S. Advisor: Holland

Jacob Lee, Jacob Lee, Investigating the Mantle Source of the Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Nevada, M.S. Advisor: Roden

Devon Verellen, An Investigation of P-wave Reflectivity Beneath the Southern Appalachians Using Global Seismic Phases, M.S. Advisor: Hawman

Ny Riavo Gilbertinie Voarintsoa, Investigating stalagmites from NE Namibia and NW Madagascar as a key to better understand local paleoenvironmental changes and implications for Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) dynamics. Ph.D. Advisor: Railsback

Sarah Wright, The Falling-Stage Progradation of an Open-Coast Tidal Flat: UAV-Assisted Sequence Stratigraphy of the Jurassic Windy Hill Sandstone, Wyoming USA. M.S. Advisor: Holland


John, Douglas, Exploring Low-Oxygen Conditions in the Cambrian through Trilobites of the Wheeler Shale. PhD Advisor: Walker

Kling, Corbin, Topographic Expressions of Large Thrust Faults on Mars. M.S. Advisor: Klimczak

Khalil Lezzaik, An Integrated Assessment of Groundwater Scarcity and Risk Conditions in the Arab Middle East and North Africa Region. PhD Advisor: Milewski

Lukas, Michael, Geophysical Prospection at Caisteal Mac Tuathal, Perthshire, Scotland. M.S. Advisor: Garrison

Rotz, Rachel, Investigating the Effect of Recharge on Inland Freshwater Lens Formation and Degradation in Northern Kuwait. M.S. Advisor: Milewski

Seyoum, Wondwosen, Satellite Remote Sensing and Modeling of the Hydrosphere for Understanding Terrestrial Water Cycle Dynamics at Different Scales. PhD Advisor: Milewski

Waters, Frank, Complex Compositional Zoning in Clinopyroxene in Late Cretaceous Potassic-Alkaline Volcanic Rocks from Northern Turkey: Implications for Magma Mixing. M.S. Advisor: Roden



Cahalan, Matthew, Sinkhole Formation Dynamics and Geostatistical-Based Prediction Analysis in a Mantled Karst Terrain. M.S. advisor: Milewski

Forsberg, Adam, Evaluation of a quantitative phosphorus loss model for potential improvement of the southern phosphorus indices. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Jubran, Ryan, Electrical resistivity tomography combined with previously collected surface-wave data in a karst terrain: A case for combining techniques to detect subsidence features. M.S. advisor: Hawman

Clement, Annaka, The Sequence Stratigraphy of the Middle Jurassic Gypsum Spring and Piper Formations in the Eastern Bighorn Basin of Wyoming, U.S.A.  M.S. advisor: Holland

Fackrell, Laura, Understanding Thermophilic Ammonia Oxidizing Archea Environments Across Extreme Redox Gradients. M.S. advisor: Schroeder

Fraley, Thear Kirk, A Variable-Density Model to Determine Possible Sources of Elevated Salnity and Dissolved Constituents in the Suwannee River Basin Springs, North-Central, Florida. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Kusnerik, Kristopher, Community Paleoecology and Biogeography of the Jurassic (Bajocian-Oxfordian) Sundance Seaway in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming and Montana, USA. M.S. advisor: Holland

Lundy, Don, An Investigation of the Relationship Between Lateral Spreading and Mass Depletion of an Lnapl Body in Contact with Groundwater at the Bemidji, MN Crude Oil Release Site. PhD advisor: Dowd

Mosely, John, Group II Xenoliths from Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Nevada: Implications for Subducted Plate Metasomatism.  M.S. advisor: Roden

Parker, Elias Horry, Crustal Structure across the southern Appalachians and Atlantic Coastal Plain: Constraints from teleseismic receiver functions and new perspectives from magnetic modeling, PhD advisor: Hawman

Phalen, William,  Homotrema rubrum (Lamarck): Distribution and biology of a potential reef bioindicator and underwater angler. M.S. advisor: Goldstein

Wilford, Joanna, Characterizing the Weathering of Masonry Sandstone. M.S. advisor: Swanson



Fochtman, Stephanie, A stable isotope study on fluid source and temperature of the Murgul deposit. M.S. advisor: Crowe

Ginn, Chris, Sequence stratigrpahy of the Silurian Clinch Formation, northeastern Tennessee and southwestern Virginia. M.S. advisor: Holland

Jenkins, Chelsea, Are biogeographic provinces discrete or gradational: A test in the Late Ordovician of Laurentia. M.S. advisor: Holland

Wylie, William, Electrical Resistivity Tomography as a Method for Imaging the Shallow Subsurface in an Investigation of Weathered Rock and Large Mass Movements. M.S. advisor:Hawman


Ballero, Deniz, The application of the total evidence approach for phylogenetic reconstruction of selected monothalamous foraminifera of Sapelo Island, Georgia, USA. Ph.D. advisor: Goldstein

Boreman, Joseph, A stable sulfur isotope study of Georgia kaolin and implications for bacterial sulfate reduction. M.S. advisor: Crowe

Brown, Alex, Chronology of the igneous, metamorphic, and deformational events in the Central Merida Andes, Venezuela. M.S. advisor: Wright

Bulger, Daniel, The geochemical mineralogic expression of sequence boundaries Mississippian carbonates of the Appalachian Basin, Georgia and Tennessee. Ph.D. advisor: Schroeder

Coke, Kimberley, The applicability of DNA tracers in hydrogeology. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Demosthenes, Lori, Experimental analysis of ash and mineral sources for ancient glass using oxygen isotopes. M.S. advisor: Swanson

Duhamel, Nicole, Tectonics and geoarchaeology of some metaultramfaic rocks in the southern Appalachians. M.S. advisor: Swanson

Gallagher, Daisy, Multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) of a transition zone in the near surface of the Inner Piedmont: implications for contaminent flow transport. M.S. advisor: Hawman

Hamil, Brooke, Mantle metasomatism and generation of alkaline lamprophyres in the Spanish Peaks intrusive complex, south-central Colorado. M.S. advisor: Roden

Lang, Darin, Dispersal and propagule banks of benthic foraminifera: Shelf to bathyal settings, western North Atlantic. M.S. advisor: Goldstein

Luna-Gonzalez, Joao, Thermodynamic analysis of minerals from Cerro Galan and Cerro Blanco, NW Argentina. M.S. advisor: Patino-Douce

Mason-Deese, William, Modeling stormflow in ungauged basins: Using digital filters, LIDAR, and the geomorphological instantaneous unit hydrograph. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Platsky, Allison, Testing the stability of marine communities over multiple timescales of eustatic cyclicity. M.S. advisor: Holland

Sclafani, Judith, The species area relationship in the Late Ordovician: A test using neutral theory. M.S. advisor: Holland

Smith, Erin, Assessment of archaeological deposits and depositional history of sediment stratigraphic units using grain size analyses, GPR, XRD, and absolute dating: northern Skidaway Island, Georgia. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Susina, Dana, A stable isotope study of vein-hosted gold mineralizatoin in the Livengood deposit, Central Alaska. M.S. advisor: Crowe

Tweedell Robertson, Amy Jo, The effect of drought on benzene-contaminated underground storage tank sites in Georgia. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Veasey, Heather, Oxygen and sulfur isotope constraints on the origin of gold deposits at the Haile gold mine, Lancaster County, SC. M.S. advisor: Crowe


Austin, Jason, Assessing the viability of pedogenic gibbsite as a proxy for paleo-pCO2. Ph.D. advisor: Schroeder

Babcock, Lori, Accessory minerals, stable isotopes, and petrographic structures of Pentelic and Proconnesian quarry marbles: Analysis with nonmetric multidimensional scaling for artifact provenance. M.S. advisor: Swanson

Cary, Liz, Filtration of perchlorate from water using hexadecyltrimethylammonium (HDTMA)-modified montmorillonite. Ph.D. advisor: Nzengung.

Dugarte-Newman, Humberto, Provenance and tectonic evolution of the pre-Mesozoic Caparo Block and Merida Terrane in the Venezuelan Andes. M.S. advisor: Wright

Freeman, Joelle, Use of indoor radon data to analyze the effectiveness of radon risk prediction based on geochemical and geologic proxy data for the state of Georgia. M.S. advisor: Swanson

McMullen, Sharon, The occurrence of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils in a sequence stratigraphic context: the Jurassic Sundance Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, USA. M.S. advisor: Holland

Ostrowicki, Katrina, A petrographic, mineralogical, and petrophysical analysis of carbonate core in the Floridan aquifer system: Cockspur Island, Georgia, USA. M.S. advisor: Schroeder

Sarafian, Adam, Apatite as a tool to determine the volatile content of eucrite meteorites. M.S. advisor: Roden


Beasley, Ernest, Investigating the driving mechanism of subsurface runoff response on a vegetated hillslope in the Georgia piedmont. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Bonomo, Michael, Trace element geochemical characterization of southeastern pegmatitic muscovite and resultant implications for the provenancing of archaeological mica. M.S. advisor: Swanson

Cary, Richard, Dynamic Emma: Investigating watershed flow pathways using geochemistry and timing at Panola Mountain Research Watershed, Georgia. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Christie, Max, Does ecological change scale with percent extinction? Quantifying the difference between taxonomic loss and functional ecology. M.S. advisor: Holland

Fitzpatrick, Stephan, Ground-penetrating radar investigation of preferential flowpaths on a hillslope. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Gardner, Eleanor, Taphonomic alteration of avian bones: Implications for bias in the avian fossil record. M.S. advisor: Walker

Lanzarone, Peter, Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and geoarchaeological examination at the Fanta Stream fossil and archaeological site, central Ethiopia. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Miller, Justin, Testing the roles of extratropical origination and predation on irregular echinoid evolution. M.S. advisor: Walker

Radko, Nick, Mineralogy and mineral chemistry of southeastern piedmont soapstones: Implications for sourcing prehistoric soapstone artifacts. M.S. advisor: Swanson

Schroer, Katherine, Controls on nitrate degradation in two adjacent wetland streams with different geochemistry and flow-source terms, Watkinsville, GA. Ph.D. advisor: Nzengung

Sletten, Hillary, A 4,600-year stalagmite high-resolution geochemical and petrologic paleoclimate record for northeast Namibia. M.S. advisor: Railsback


Hotujec, Cynthia, Mineralogical and compositional analysis of turquoise artifacts linked to prehistoric mines in New Mexico, USA. M.S. advisor: Swanson

Humphrey, Chris Garrett, In-situ U-Pb secondary ion mass spectrometry (IN-SIMS) geochronology from the Leeward Antilles Islands of Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, and Gran Rocque: Implications for the temporal evolution of the Caribbean Large Igneous Province (CLIP) and early arc magmatism. M.S. advisor: Wright

Jackson, Chester, Spatio-temporal analysis of barrier island shoreline change: The Georgia Coast, USA. Ph.D. advisor: Alexander

Kinsella, Margaret, The Fox Range, northwest Nevada: Displaced fragment along an Early Cretaceous dextral strike-slip fault. M.S. advisor: Wyld

Longfellow, Kristen M., Skeletal tourmaline, undercooling, and crystallization history of the Stone Mountain Granite. M.S. advisor: Swanson

McGregor, Heath, Petrogenetic relationships between relatively potassic and relatively sodic alkaline rocks from the Spanish Peaks area near Walsenberg, Colorado. M.S. advisor: Roden

Muckler, James Frank, Measuring nitrogen transformations in the vadose zone of a small, primary Piedmont watershed in Watkinsville, Georgia. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Nutaitis, James, New mapping in the East Range, Nevada: Implications for the Winnemucca and Fencemaker deformation belts. M.S. advisor: Wyld

Parker, Elias Horry, Multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) in karst terrain: Implications for detecting subsidence features and lineaments. M.S. advisor: Hawman

Price, Brian, Recharge and baseflow of a first-order stream in the Piedmont. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Zaffos, Andrew, Abundance and extinction at the Ordovician/Silurian boundary of the Cincinnati Arch, USA. M.S. advisor: Holland


Brouillette, Ellen, An experimental approach to understand the responses of benthic foraminifera to Cd, Pb, Hg, and Zn. M.S. advisor: Goldstein

Chaumba, Jeff, The Russell Lake Allochthon, southern Appalachians: structure, petrography, bulk-rock and mineral chemistry, O, H, and Sm-Nd isotope geochemistry. Ph.D. advisor: Roden

Clarke, Steve, Evidence for high pressure fractionation of olivine-normative dikes from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province in Georgia. M.S. advisor: Roden

Izsak, Gabriel, A translational model for the Great Valley Group, California: A detrital zircon analysis. M.S. advisor: Wright

Jarrett, Matt, Late Eocene sea surface temperatures: insights from Crassostrea gigantissima. M.S. advisor: Romanek

Noguera, Mariela, Analysis of provenance of Late Cretaceous - Eocene turbidite sequences in northern Venezuela: tectonic implications on the evolution of the Caribbean. M.S. advisor: Wright

Schrader, Christian, Geochronology and geology of the Pebble Cu-Au-Mo porphyry and the sill Au-Ag epithermal deposits, southwest Alaska. Ph.D. advisor: Patiño-Douce

Thomas, Jason, Pressure wave generation of runoff in a convergent zone. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Wehby, Jennifer, A feasibility study of portable spectroscopy for the analysis of mortar from the House of the Vestals. M.S. advisor: Swanson


Cook-Hale, Jessica, Characterization of bronze casting in Insula 56, in Roman Aventicum. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Fiser, Julie, Organic biomarkers in active and fossil travertine deposits: linking the present with the past. M.S. advisor: Romanek

Heim, Noel, The spatial structure of biodiversity in the fossil record: contrasting global, continental and regional responses to climate change. Ph.D. advisor: Holland

Kiehn, Adam, Geochemical fingerprinting of specular hematite from prehistoric mines and archaeological sites in southern Africa. M.S. advisor: Brook

Nail, Jason, Dithionite mediated degradation of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene in soils from a former Department of Defense ammunition plant. M.S. advisor: Nzengung

Wysong, Eric, Hurricane effects on molluscan death assemblages and their facies. M.S. advisor: Walker


Layou, Karen, Paleocommunity response to extinction: an example from the late Ordovician (Mohawkian) of the Appalachian basin of the eastern United States. Ph.D. advisor: Holland

Trogdon, Michelle, A geochemical study of four prehistoric quarries in Oaxaca, Mexico. M.S. advisor: Garrison


Baker, Scott, Investigation of the crust and uppermost mantle in the Carolina Terrane and Blue Ridge, southern Appalachians, using receiver function analysis of broadband earthquake data. M.S. advisor: Hawman

Carroll, Monica, Memoirs of river life: A clam’s shell view. Ph.D. advisor: Romanek

Cranfill, Rhonda, Colonial ceramic wares: comparison based on mineralogical, petrological and compositional data. M.S. advisor: Swanson

Hollingsworth, Elizabeth, Elemental and isotopic chemistry of the Uzon Caldera: the evolution of thermal waters, gas and mineral precipitation. M.S. advisor: Crowe

Kelson, Chris, Geochemical and geochronological constraints on mineralization within the Hilltop, Lewis, and Bullion mining districts, Battle Mountain-Eureka trend, Nevada. Ph.D. advisor: Crowe

McKinnon, Joey, A mechanism for storm runoff generation during large rainfall events. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Wayo, Lina., Biodegradation and phytoremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using mushroom compost. Ph.D. advisor: Nzengung

Yifru, Dawit, Phytoremediation and enhanced natural attenuation of perchlorate and N-nitrosodimethylamine as a single and co-contaminants. Ph.D. advisor: Nzengung


Kyle, Jennifer, Mineral-microbe interactions and biomineralization of siliceous sinters and underlying rock from Jenn’s Pools in the Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka, Russia. M.S. advisor: Schroeder

Mirante Drew, Partial melting and migmatization of a metamorphic terrane in northeast Georgia. Ph.D. advisor: Patiño-Douce

Purdin, Bethany, Heterogeneity in geochemical expression of subaerial exposure in the Nashville Dome, Tennessee. M.S. advisor: Railsback

Toll, Nathaniel, Barometric fluctuation removal in water level records and solutions to flow in aquifers during sinusoidal aquifer pumping tests. M.S. advisor: Rasmussen


Flood, Vanese, Coral community structure and patterns of sedimentation in Castle Harbour, Bermuda. M.S. advisor: Freeman-Lynde

Veal, W. Brian, Mineralogy of the peraluminous Spruce Pine plutonic suite, Mitchell, Avery, and Yancey Counties, North Carolina. M.S. advisor: Swanson


Allen, Jessica, Sequence stratigraphy and depositional environments of the Harding Sandstone, Central Colorado: Implications for the habitat of early fish. M.S. advisor: Holland

Bedell, Adam L., Polymetamorphism and deformation within the Brevard Fault Zone, outside of Atlanta, GA. M.S. advisor: Roden

Carpenter, Mirta A., An evaluation of ground-water flow and mass transport modeling in fractured karst systems from theory to applications for revising the Georgia Wellhead-Protection Plan and rules for safe drinking water. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Ciavarella, Veronica C., Mesozoic deformation and pluton emplacement in the northern Luning-Fencemaker fold-and-thrust belt: New evidence from the Bloody Run Hills, Nevada. M.S. advisor: Wyld

Dvoracek, D., Geochemical and geochronological study of the Danburg and Sandy Hill granitoids and associated mafic enclaves, northeast Georgia. Ph.D. advisor: Roden

Gragg, Kelly, Archaeogeophysical investigation of a samnite site, Monte Pallano, Italy. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Harris, Robert S., Evidence for impact-generated deposition on the Late Eocene shores of Georgia. M.S. advisor: Roden

Lawson, Joshua, The importance of geologic setting in developing groundwater fractured, metamorphic rock aquifers in the vicinity of the Gwinnett County Airport and Collins Hill Road, Gwinnett County, Georgia. M.S. advisor: Rassmussen-Forestry

Levy, Gayle M., Using morphometric snalysis to retermine patterns of evolution in the Upper Ordovician brachiopod Sowerbyella rugosa from the Kope Formation of northern Kentucky. M.S. advisor: Holland

Lichtenstein, K., Historic sedimentation and allostratigraphy of the South Fork Broad River, northeast Georgia. M.S. advisor: Brook

Stapleton, Colleen P., Geochemical Analysis of Glass from Hasanlu, Northwestern Iran: Constraints on Manufacturing Technology. Ph.D. advisor: Swanson

Thieme, Donald M., Stratigraphic and Chronometric Investigation of Alluvial Deposits of the North Branch of the Susquehanna River. Ph.D. advisor: Garrison


Cerajewski, Rebecca J., Paleoclimate reconstruction using isotopic analysis of tropical bivalves from the Pigeon Creek archaeological site, San Salvador Island, Bahamas. M.S. advisor: Romanek

Fortner, Charles H., Metamorphism at Woodall Shoals in the eastern Blue Ridge, Georgia - South Carolina. M.S. advisor: Patiño-Douce

Keene, Deborah A., Archaeological and geophysical investigations at the Groves Creek site (09CH71), Skidaway Island Georgia. Ph.D. advisor: Garrison

McKenna, Johnathan P., Strong ground motions from two historical earthquakes: Are the soils to blame. M.S. advisor: Hawman

Thomas, Robert, Passive treatment of low pH, ferric iron-dominated acid rock drainage. Ph.D. advisor: Romanek

Uddin, MD Momin Kamal, Laboratory studies of in-situ redox manipulation for remediation of PCE, TCE, and CR (V1) contaminated groundwater in Atlantic Coastal Plain sediments. Ph.D. advisor: Nzengung

Weaver, Wendy C., Paleoecology and prehistory: Fossil pollen at Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary. M.S. advisor: Garrison


Baldini, Lisa Miller, Isotopic ecology of the terrestrial gastropod, Cerion, San Salvador, Bahamas. M.S. advisor: Walker

Colberg, Mark R., Metamorphism and tectonic of the Carolina Terrain exposed in East Georgia, U.S.A. Ph.D. advisor: Patiño-Douce

Dondero, Anna C., Phytoremediation of perchlorate under greenhouse and natural conditions. M.S. advisor: Nzengung

Gardiner, Elizabeth S., Mollusk assemblages of Caribbean reef communities: Reef landscapes yield temporally assemblages with limited membership. Ph.D. advisor: Walker

LeGolvan, John J., The fate of magnetite and ilmenite in weathering profile. M.S. advisor: Schroeder

Payne, David, Chemically induced remediation of sediments contaminated with chlorinated aliphatics. M.S. advisor: Nzengung

Ramaley, Seth B., Treatability investigation for natural attenuation of a shallow chlorinated solvent plume at the former Naval Training College, Orlando, Florida. M.S. advisor: Nzengung

Schrader, Christian M., Geochronology and geology of the Pebble Cu-Au-Mo Porphyry and the Sill Au-Ag epithermal deposits, Southwest Alaska. M.S. advisor: Crowe

Tracy, Berkley J., Geology and ore fluid geochemistry of the Pebble Cu-Au Porphyry deposit, Southwest Alaska. M.S. advisor: Crowe

Wolak, Chad E., Mesozoic structure, stratigraphy, and magmatism in the eastern Pueblo Mountains, Southeast Oregon and Northwest Nevada: A record of an allochthonous arc terrane. M.S. advisor: Wyld


Adesida, Adebola O., The stratigraphic framework of Sapelo Island Georgia: A seismic reflection study. M.S. advisor: Hawman

Andrus, Charles F.T., Oxygen isotope analysis of ancient otoliths: A mid-Holocene record of El Niño variation and human adaptation from Peruvian archaeological sites. Ph.D. advisor: Crowe

Douglas, Michael A., An electron microscopy study of 19th century Staffordshire glazes and pigments including those of the Spode Pottery Works. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Feild, James B., Piedmont hydrology flow and contaminant transport. Ph.D. advisor: Dowd

Garrison, Elizabeth A., A ground penetrating radar and soil chemistry survey of the Little River archaeological site (9MG46) in Morgan County, Georgia. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Heath, Bryan A., Enhanced anaerobic degradation of tetrachloroethene using dithionite treated iron-bearing clays, iron oxides and aquifer materials. M.S. advisor: Nzengung

Hunter, Daniel M., Testing for subaerial exposure at five Upper Ordovician sequence boundaries, Nashville Dome, Tennessee. M.S. advisor: Holland

Perry, Evan B., Dissolved krypton and sulfur hexafluoride as partitioning traders in porous media. M.S. advisor: Romanek

Pike, Scott H., Archaeological geology and geochemistry of pentelic marble, Mount Pentelikon, Attica, Greece. Ph.D. advisor: Garrison



Baldini, James U.L., Morphologic geochemical relationships between speleothems and drip water characteristics: evidence from Brown’s Folly Mine, Wiltshire, England. M.S. advisor: Railsback

Haborak, Kevin G., Analytical solution to flow in aquifers during sinusoidal aquifer pumping test. M.S. advisor: Rasmussen, Forestry

Jordan, Ernest F., Recognizing subaerial exposure in Ordovician limestones from Tennessee through isotopic and petrographic analyses. M.S. advisor: Railsback

Littman, Sherri L., Pleistocene/Holocene sea level change and the lithostratigraphy of the Georgia Bight: A geoarchaeological study. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Millings, Victor E., Stable isotopes as groundwater tracers at the D-area coal pile runoff basin of the Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC. M.S. advisor: Romanek

O’Niell, Walter L., Biosorption and transformation of tetrachloroethylene and trichloroethylene using mixed-species microbial mats. Ph.D. advisor: Nzengung

Rogers, Johannah W., Jurassic-Cretaceous deformation in the Santa Rosa Range, Nevada: Implications for the development of the northern Luning-Fencemaker fold-and-thrust belt. M.S. advisor: Wyld

Rosdeutscher, Julia A., Geology and stable isotope geochemistry of the Grassy Valley Gold Deposit, Cripple Creek District, Colorado: Evidence for magmatic fluids. M.S. advisor: Crowe

Serman, Nina, Methodological considerations of ground penetrating radar data from Mound a at the Little River (9MG46) archaeological site in Morgan County in Georgia. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Shiflet, Jason E., Characterization of titanium bearing phases in an east Georgia kaolin. M.S. advisor: Schroeder

Wiley, Thomas B., Water and tracer movement in upper coastal plain. M.S. advisor: Bush


Benson, Andrew C., Testing the cause and geographic extent of a Middle Ordovician photosynthetic productivity pulse. M.S. advisor: Holland

Gwak, Sang-Hwan, Stable oxygen and carbon isotope, major, minor and trace element, and strontium isotope compositions of Early Cretaceous Limestones, Blake Nose: DSDP LEG: 44, Site 392. Ph.D. advisor: Freeman-Lynde

Hood, Edward C., A diagenetic study of Jurassic limestones from the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco. M.S. advisor: Railsback

McCarthy, Theodore C., The experimental examination of silicate/silicate-melt systems: Derivation of two pressure sensitive expressions, and modeling of basaltic intrusion of the deep crust. Ph.D. advisor: Patiño-Douce

Melear, Nathan D., Crystal properties of goethite and hematite from three weathering profiles of the Georgia piedmont. Ph.D. advisor: Schroeder


Albin, Edward F., Georgiaites: Tektite geochemistry and stratigraphic occurrence in east-central Georgia. Ph.D. advisor: Roden

Anderson, Vivian M., The metamorphic conditions of the crystalline basement rocks beneath the Savannah River site, South Carolina. M.S. advisor: Patiño-Douce

Baldwin, Roger H., Water and tracer behavior in undisturbed saprolite soil cores. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Callaghan, Carol, Design and testing of a PVC plug for installation of TDR rods at depth. M.S. advisor: Dowd

Castillo, Reyna M., Enhanced anaerobic degradation of tetrachloroethylene by redox-manipulated iron-bearing clays. M.S. advisor: Nzengung

Cox, Julie E., The paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic significance of carbon and oxygen isotopes of calcrete and related rocks of the Catskill Delta. M.S. advisor: Railsback

Eager, William G., Geology and stable isotope geochemistry of the Ridgeway North Pit Au-Ag deposit, Ridgeway, South Carolina. M.S. advisor: Crowe

Goddard, Ethan A., Three studies of the stable isotope paleoclimatic record of cave speleothems. M.S. advisor: Brook

McLain, Angela A., Fixed nitrogen in clay minerals of an offshore Texas, Brazos block well. M.S. advisor: Schroeder

Oates, Mary T., Sorption of halogenated aromatic chemicals by single-and dual-cation organo-modified montmorillonites. M.S. advisor: Nzengung

Owens, Daphne L., A feasibility study for phytolith research in the southeast from Scull Shoals in the Oconee National Forest and Skidaway Island Georgia. M.S. advisor: Garrison

Prosser, Cynthia L., Shallow seismic profiling in the Brevard Fault Zone. M.S. advisor: Hawman

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