Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 5:45pm
 third graders Zoey Martin and Sam Seward visit Marta's office

Last April, third graders Zoey Martin and Sam Seward visited Marta's office to get a hands on experience in mineral and rock identification. They enthusiastically roamed through the GEOL 1121 collections and Marta was surprised by their proficiency considering that all their previous training had been using photos from books and the web. The opportunity to sharpen their skill with actual samples paid them well, since Sam and Zoey helped their school team get 14th place (out of 61 schools) at the State Science Olympiad!

They should be proud of their achievement because many of the top contenders are science based schools in Atlanta, that is to say, tough competition! Sam and Zoey were able to identify all of the 16 rocks and mineral specimens on the test! Congratulations Zoey and Sam! We hope to see you as students in our Department in a few years!