picture of Steven Holland
Stratigraphic Paleobiology
Geography-Geology Building, Room 217

Current Research Interests

I am a paleontologist and a stratigrapher, and I’m interested in the long-term response of marine invertebrate communities and sedimentary environments to sea-level change and climate change. I use a combination of field work and computer simulation in my research. In my field work, I've used extraordinarily fossiliferous deposits to test a wide range of hypotheses about the controls on the diversity and structure of marine communities. My graduate students study the paleoecology of marine invertebrate communities of a variety of ages, as well as the stratigraphy and sedimentology of the rocks in which they are found. Currently, my students and I are studying the ecological assembly and history of the Jurassic epicontinental seaway in western North America.

Curriculum Vitae: